What is SmartGUARD?

SmartGUARD is a revolutionary new way that provides an effective reduction in Anti-Social behaviour incidents.

SmartGUARD is a lightweight mobile application that runs on Android smartphones and allows its users to share information and images of anti-social people with other SmartGUARD users in the local area via a defined user group.

Images together with location and incident information are displayed on all devices within the group in the form of a news feed enabling security staff to deny entry.  If an attempt is made, a breach alert can be issued to all users updating the new location, date/time of the new incident and plots the route taken on a map.

SmartGUARD is ideal for the following industry sectors:-

  •  Bar and Pub door security;
  •  Nightclub security;
  •  Business Improvement Districts;
  •  Airport Terminals;
  •  Train and Bus Terminals;
  •  Large Events & Festivals;
  •  Police Forces.

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Instant Alerts

All new incidents results in alerts being send to other SmartGUARD users within your operating group.

Breach Alerts

If a person attempts to gain entry after ejection an alert can be created plotting the persons route on a map.

Android Based App

SmartGUARD works with any Android based handset with KitKat or above operating system installed.

Custom Location Groups

Users can define their own custom location group which ensures they receive the alerts that are specific to their location.

24 Hour Retention

Images and alerts are retained for 24 hours on the SmartGUARD network, before they are removed.

Police Approved

Approved by Secured By Design, the UK’s official Police approval organisation for products that provide a significant reduction in crime.

Emergency Assistance

If SmartGUARD users feel threatened, they can alert the authorities by pressing the SOS sequence.

Never Miss An Alert

SmartGUARD will never miss an alert as if you are out of range you are alerted once back within range.

ISO27001 Data Security

SmartGUARD stores the information in a Police Approved ISO 27001 datacentre on secure cloud based servers.


SmartGUARD can help businesses within the Night-time Economy such as the Bars, Pubs and Nightclubs sectors with issues of Anti-Social Behavior (ASB) by giving door and security staff the ability to share images and information regarding recent issues.  This information is captured using the SmartGUARD application and shared with other businesses within the local area – minimising the opportunity for that person to gain access to another venue.

SmartGUARD can also be very effective for large events, such as festivals and exhibitions. Security staff can easily share photos, of people they eject from the event, with other entrances so that they cannot be admitted elsewhere.

With the increasing number of anti-social behavior issues associated with alcohol prior to boarding flights, SmartGUARD is an ideal deterrent.  It allows staff of businesses within airport terminals to share information on potential drunk passengers with gate staff, enabling drunk passenger to be removed before boarding flights.

Due to the applications ease of use in sharing photographic and basic information, SmartGUARD is a great tool for enforcing anti-social behaviour incentives, such as ASBOs, as officers are able to take and view images of individuals who are banned from specific locations and share with other officers or businesses.


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The need for discrete alerting is essential when it comes to security staff, the SmartGUARD mobile and tablet application allows security staff to be updated on the latest incidents and images direct to their Android Watch.

  •  Links to Android Smartphone via Bluetooth;
  •  Tactile alerting is felt through the watch;
  •  Displays incident information and image;
  •  Report current location and updates users.
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SmartGUARD is simple and quick to use and requires very little user input and touch time.

1. Capture image of person directly or from CCTV screen

2. Select reason for capturing the image

3. Image is shared to all users within defined group

4. Alert appears on all users devices detailing image, incident details and map location of incident

5. Users can update the alert with breach information and new location details and displays on a route map

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