What is SmartGUARD Pro?

SmartGUARD Pro has all of the features of the traditional SmartGUARD product with a few enhancements which include Facial Recognition.

SmartGUARD Pro allows you to retain the information created during the capture process in the form of watch lists and also has the option of linking via API with other popular facial recognition solutions, creating a powerful capture and alerting solution that shares updates and alerts with other smartphone users registered on the SmartGUARD Pro network.

SmartGUARD Pro uses the latest smartphone technology together with advanced mobile applications to deliver the ultimate solution for the security sector.

SmartGUARD Pro is launching soon.

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Instant Alerts

All new incidents result in instant alerts being sent to other SmartGUARD users within your operating or security group and displays photo of target.

Facial Recognition

Linking to popular Facial Recognition solutions allows the automatic alerting to SmartGUARD users of persons identified in a watch list.

Custom Location Groups

Users can define their own custom location groups which ensures they receive the alerts that are specific to their location or retailer brand.

Definable Retention

Images and alerts are retained for a defined period on the SmartGUARD handset, before dropping off.  Images are retained for a further 6 weeks for evidence purposes.

Emergency Assistance

If any SmartGUARD users feel threatened, they can alert the authorities by pressing the SOS sequence and help will be dispatched automatically.

3G, 4G or WiFi

The SmartGUARD system uses 3G, 4G or Wi-Fi to connect to the SmartGUARD network, so you will always be online.



Discrete alerting is a must when it comes to security, the SmartGUARD mobile and tablet application allows security staff to be informed of potential persons of interest direct to their wearable devices such as Android Watches.

  •  Door security staff;
  •  Retail security staff;
  •  Shopping Centre security staff;
  •  Police Forces.


SmartGUARD can be easily adapted to meet the needs of our clients and can be used by virtually any type of business.

Some of the main areas are detailed below, however do get in touch with us about your own business if you don’t see your business sector below – we can assure we can help you by creating a customised version to meet with your needs!

  •  Night-time economy sector;
  •  Retailers & Shopping Centres;
  •  Train Stations & Airports;
  •  Festivals and Outdoor Events;
  •  Business Improvement Districts;
  •  Police Forces.
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SmartGUARD Pro can be linked to popular facial recognition solutions via a secure custom API and allows the creation of watch lists.  Once an image is captured via the facial recognition solution and matched against a watch list and alert is sent to a designated SmartGUARD user or group.

Making it ideal for:-

  •  Identifying criminals from other sites;
  •  VIP’s entering your venue;
  •  Loyalty schemes;
  •  Meet and Greet.

Bars, Pubs and Clubs


Festivals and Outdoor Events

Police Forces


SmartGUARD Pro can help businesses within the night-time economy such as Bars, Pubs and Nightclubs with issues of Anti-Social Behavior by giving door and security staff the ability to share images and information regarding recent issues.  This information is captured using the SmartGUARD application and shared with other businesses within the local area – minimising the opportunity for that person from gain access to another venue.

SmartGUARD Pro is ideal for retailers and shopping centres/malls as it gives security staff the ability to quickly identify people that have committed low level crime or theft and share this information with other shopping centre security or store security staff and assists in the quick apprehension of the target.

SmartGUARD Pro can be very effective for large events, such as festivals and exhibitions. Security staff can easily share photos, of people they eject from the event, with other entrances so that they cannot be admitted elsewhere.

Due to SmartGUARD’s ease of use in sharing photographic and basic information with other users, it’s a great tool for enforcing anti-social behaviour incentives, such as ASBOs, as officers are able to take and view images of individuals who are banned from specific locations and share with other officers or businesses.

With the increasing number of anti-social behavior issues associated with alcohol prior to boarding flights, SmartGUARD is an ideal deterrent.  It allows staff of businesses within airport terminals to share information on potential disruptive passengers with security or gate staff, enabling the passenger to be removed before boarding the flight.


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