06 Oct

SmartGUARD helps airlines avoid drunk passengers boarding flights

SmartALERT are set to release the latest version of their crime reduction mobile app called SmartGUARD Pro which targets retailers, shopping centres, airports/airlines and other transport hubs like train stations in the coming weeks.

SmartGUARD is a clever lightweight mobile app that can be installed on mobiles or tablets that allows the simple capture of information such as a photo of a person and location and share this information with a number of other users within a closed user group.  For example, staff at All Bar One inside the airport can capture data of customers showing signs of having a little too much to drink before they board their flight and share it with airport security or airline security/gate staff across the airport complex.

This enables gate staff to be fully aware of potential passengers that they may wish to challenge before boarding the flight, reducing the possibilities of security or safety issues once the flight has taken off.

The number of incidents of drunk passengers on-board flights are increasing and airlines are getting tougher with passengers that cause trouble, with many of them serving life-time bans.


Budget airline Jet2 has banned a passenger for life after a jet heading to a Spanish holiday resort was forced to divert to France due to his alleged boozy antics.

A spokesman for the Leeds-based airline claimed the unruly traveller ignored the crew’s repeated orders to stop drinking alcohol brought on board, using intimidating language and threatening behaviour.

If you would like to request a trial SmartGUARD in your facility or venue, please visit the SmartGUARD Pro webpage and click REQUEST TRIAL at the bottom of the page.

For more information on SmartGUARD, please visit the website at http://www.smartalert.org.uk

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