06 Sep

Retail shrinkage cost businesses $128.5 Billion globally in 2014 there has to be a way to reduce this? Welcome to SmartGUARD!

The 2014 Global Retail Theft Barometer found that losses from shrinkage, which includes shoplifting, employee or supplier fraud and administrative errors, costs retailers around the world more than $128 billion last year.  This represents 1.29% of all retail sales globally lost due to shrinkage.

The most popular products that thieves like to get their sticky fingers on are make-up products and perfumes, fashion and fashion accessories, power tools, mobiles, tablets and accessories, and wines and spirits.  All the items that are high value and small in size.

There are many ways that retailers are looking at tackling the issue, some with increased CCTV and security staff, others looking at source tagging, this is where the supplier hides a security tag within the product before it leaves their production line, whilst others are looking at using technology and better communication between security and store staff.

Professional thieves don’t wait around locations for days on end, they’re in and out a few shops and then on the road to the next town or city, making it very difficult for security staff or the police to apprehend them.

So what if there was a product that could help?

Well there is now, SmartALERT, the clever company that have developed SmartGUARD Pro, the low cost, highly effective mobile app for retail security might just be the answer.

So what is SmartGUARD Pro?

SmartGUARD is a mobile and tablet application that allows security staff to share incident details, location information and photos of potential thieves with other store and security staff of their own store, other stores within a shopping centre or even all of their stores nationwide.

Once an incident has been created by one user, all other users are discreetly informed on their mobile or tablet by means of an alert.  The alert displays the photo of the target, the reason why they are of interest and the location where the incident took place, allowing security staff to pursue the target.


Even more with Facial Recognition

Linking SmartGUARD to popular facial recognition systems could alert security staff in a Birmingham retail store as soon as an identified target from their Manchester store walks through the door, enabling security staff to apprehend or monitor the targets movements.

For more information on how SmartGUARD could help your retail business or shopping centre, visit the SmartGUARD webpage at http://www.smartalert.org.uk/smartguard-pro/

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