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Everyday newspapers have new stories of drunk and
abusive passengers causing problems both in airports
and on aeroplanes.

It is clear that not enough is being done to prevent problem
passengers from wasting everyone elses time and
costing airlines a fortune.

SmartGUARD from SmartALERT can help to solve this issue.

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SmartGUARD is perfect for reducing anti-social behaviour,
which can help to greatly improve security in Airports.

Staff are able to capture and share images of passengers
they believe to be abusive across a closed network, allowing
security to apprehend these customers and cut the risk
of them being allowed to fly.

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SmartGUARD Airport Security Brochure

Airport & Passenger Security

SmartALERT has a number of specialist technology based products that can be used to improve your business. Take a look at the options below and then give us a call and we can give you more information on how SmartALERT’s solutions can help you.




Custom Solution

SmartALERTSmartALERT is a multi-platform information delivery system that allows users instantly broadcast live alerts.

Airports are full of screens, particularly in departure lounges, being used to entertain passengers. SmartALERT is an information delivery system that connects to these screens and is capable of instantly broadcasting messages to them and delivering scheduled updates when required.

These messages can be corporate and marketing based, but may also be broadcast by airport security in the event of an emergency, or just to relay public information. The ability to instantly broadcast safety information to screens across an airport could prove vital in saving lives in the case of an serious emergency.

  •  Easily updated from multiple devices.
  •  Flexible – share any content you want.
  •  Available on most internet connected devices.
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SmartGUARD uses smartphone and application technology to deliver the ultimate, modern security solution.

Airports and airlines are increasingly experiencing problems with intoxicated and abusive passengers and the problem only seems to be getting worse, using SmartGUARD can help reduce these incidents. The solution allows security staff to snap and share the image of a drunk or abusive customer, across a closed network.

This means that security staff can identify passengers they think may potentially be unsuitable for flying and share their image with other security staff, so that the passenger can be monitored and if necessary refused the right to fly. Best of all SmartGUARD can integrate with your CCTV network.

  •  Capture and share images of abusive passengers.
  •  Stop drunk passengers making it on board.
  •  Easily integrates with other solutions.
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SmartALERT specialise in developing and building smart, technology based solutions to everyday problems.

As a company we span many different sectors as we have been able to solve many businesses problems by building them tailored technology solutions. Whether it be a mobile application, or a more comprehensive computer program we have it covered. We are also partnered with Samsung meaning we can utilise their vast hardware portfolio to create truly incredible hardware and software solutions that exactly meet your needs.

If you think we could design a solution for a problem you have please do get in touch and we will connect you with one of our developers who will be able to explain what we can do for you.

  •  ‘Hard and soft’ ware solutions.
  •  Easily integrated with existing systems.
  •  Tailored to exactly fit your needs.
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If you want more information on how SmartALERT's products can improve your business why not give us a call?