29 Jul

Improved Police Presence Will Stop Pub Closures

The Association of Licensed Multiple Retailers have suggested that changes to police funding could see a reduction in pub closures.

The Government have announced that police forces in areas with a high density of pubs and clubs will receive increased funding to cope with the extra pressure that they are under due to anti-social behaviour.

It is commonly acknowledged that areas with higher volumes of bars, pubs and clubs will have higher levels of anti-social behaviour and it is hoped that by increasing police presence there will be less need for police to recommend the removal of a premise’s licence.

SmartALERT’s product, SmartGUARD can be used in conjunction with this added police presence to help control anti-social behaviour in problem areas, by allowing security staff to take and share images of anti-social offenders within their locality.

For more information on SmartGUARD please click here.

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