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How do I purchase SmartGUARD?

If you would like to purchase SmartGUARD you can do so from our online shop for quantities under 10 licenses, however if you are a large corporate looking to purchase more than 10 licenses, please contact our Corporate Sales Team for further information and volume pricing. If you have further queries about purchasing SmartGUARD please contact us here.


What devices does SmartALERT work on?

SmartALERT is a multi-platform solution, which means it can be used on virtually any type of digital screen. All the system requires is an internet connection. Even if that is not available we can connect your device to the internet using a 4G dongle. This means that you can utilise the SmartALERT messaging solution on almost any device, be it TV screens or smart watches, that you wish to broadcast content to.

Who is SmartALERT for?

SmartALERT is a solution that comes as standard within a number of our, and our partner Smart Plus TVs, products. The solution allows our clients, including police forces, to instantly deliver messages across a network of screens.

Who is SmartGUARD for?

SmartGUARD is easily adapted to meet the needs of our clients and can be used by virtually any type of business with security staff.


What is SmartEXCLUSION?

SmartEXCLUSION is a multi-opperator, multi-sector self-exclusion system for the gaming industry.

Why use SmartEXCLUSION?

In February 2015 the Gambling Commission released a new set of guild lines stating that by April 2016, land-based operators must have in place schemes that allow a customer to make a single request to self-exclude from all operators of a similar type within their area – typically where they live and work.


The Commission also expects an online self-exclusion scheme to be in place by 2017.


SmartEXCLUSION ticks all of these boxes.

Who can use SmartEXCLUSION?

SmartEXCLUSION is for any company or venue that holds a gambling licence and needs to comply to the gambling commission’s rules and regulations regarding the self-exclusion process.

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