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12 Oct

Security Guards and what you can and can’t do

Security Guards What are my duties as a Private Security Guard and what am I allowed to do? In today’s world of litigation, people are increasingly more aware of...

06 Oct

SmartGUARD helps airlines avoid drunk passengers boarding flights

SmartALERT are set to release the latest version of their crime reduction mobile app called SmartGUARD Pro which targets retailers, shopping centres, airports/airlines and other transport hubs like train...

06 Sep

Retail shrinkage cost businesses $128.5 Billion globally in 2014 there has to be a way to reduce this? Welcome to SmartGUARD!

The 2014 Global Retail Theft Barometer found that losses from shrinkage, which includes shoplifting, employee or supplier fraud and administrative errors, costs retailers around the world more than $128...

29 Jul

Improved Police Presence Will Stop Pub Closures

The Association of Licensed Multiple Retailers have suggested that changes to police funding could see a reduction in pub closures. The Government have announced that police forces in areas...

25 Jul

Preparation for SmartEXCLUSION lite Launch

SmartEXCLUSION lite set for launch by the end of summer 2015. SmartEXCLSUION lite, the entry-level version of Smart Alert’s self-exclusion solution, is due to be released as a downloadable...

28 May

Bar Loses Licence Due to Antisocial Behaviour

Barcadia, a Kingston bar, has lost it’s licence after being described as a hotspot for antisocial behaviour and crime by the local council. The bar has been home to a number...

01 May

Completion of SmartEXCLUSION Trial

The SmartEXCLUSION trial, which took place in 5 major LBOs in Birmingham city centre, is now finished. The trail can be considered an overwhelming success, with staff members providing...

21 Apr

SmartEXCULSION Birmingham Trial

The SmartEXCULSION solution is currently undergoing a trial with 5 of the major LBOs. The trial is taking place in stores across Birmingham city centre. With staff instructed to...

15 Apr

Identity Fraud on the Rise

The begining of 2015 has seen reported cases of identity fraud rise by over 25% with a staggering 34,151 confirmed. It is suggested that the rise has be brought...

23 Feb

Secured by Design National Training Event

SmartALERT will be attending the Secured by Design National Training Event 2015, held at the Holiday Inn in Stratford-upon-Avon. The theme of this year’s event is ‘The Future of...

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